A very hot and a very cool summer
in Opatija and in Postojna

DSC_0314 (1800x1200)
My home is my castle
DSC_0086 (1800x1200)
Swimming at Slatina Beach, Opatija
DSC_0123 (1800x1139)
Lido Beach terraces
DSC_0209 (1800x1200)
Mošćenička Draga
DSC_0298 (1800x1200)
From 1884 to 1984 to 2017
IMG_0092 (1800x1200)
Vedran Ružić – a painter and musician in Volosko


DSC_0329 (1800x1200)
Another painter in Volosko
DSC_0280 (1800x1200)
Opatija sunrise over Rijeka
DSC_0449 (1800x1200)
Time to cool down
DSC_0483 (1800x1200)
Going by underground to see the caves of Postojna


DSC_0453 (1800x1175)