The Milk of Dreams – Il latte dei sogni
auf der Biennale Arte 2022 in Venedig

Mit einem Jahr coronabedingter Verspätung gibt es für Kunstliebhaber heuer wieder die Gelegenheit in Venedig moderne Kunst aus aller Welt zu sehen #
Golden Lion for the Best Participant in the International Exhibition The Milk of Dreams 
Congratulations to Simone Leigh
(1967, Chicago, USA. Lives in New York City, USA)
Masks are still obligatory on public transport in Italy.
Gondeln bilden da wohl eine Ausnahme
Could that be some stars heading for the Lido?
Good to be back in Venice after three years
Italy faces national public transport strike on Friday 16 September – Genau am Tag unseres Venedigbesuches streiken die Vaporetti ab 16.00 Uhr
Il latte dei sogni everywhere
Die Adria zumindest in Venedig wieder quallenfrei
Arsenale and next stop: 
Never go to the Biennale Arte without booking in advance!
Sie haben ihr Ziel erreicht
Andra Ursuta (1979, Romania), Predators ‘R Us, 2020, lead crystal.
The disquieting sculptures of Andra Ursuta combine parts made from casts of his own body with everyday objects.
The 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, titled The Milk of Dreams, will open to the public from Saturday April 23 to Sunday November 27, 2022, at the Giardini and the Arsenale.
The Exhibition will take place in the Central Pavilion (Giardini) and in the Arsenale, including 213 artists from 58 countries; 180 of these are participating for the first time in the International Exhibition. 1433 the works and objects on display, 80 new projects are conceived specifically for the Biennale Arte.
The Milk of Dreams takes its title from a book by Leonora Carrington (1917–2011) – Cecilia Alemani stated – in which the Surrealist artist describes a magical world where life is constantly re-envisioned through the prism of the imagination. It is a world where everyone can change, be transformed, become something or someone else. The Exhibition The Milk of Dreams takes Leonora Carrington’s otherworldly creatures, along with other figures of transformation, as companions on an imaginary journey through the metamorphoses of bodies and definitions of the human.
Time to stop in the 
La Biennale Cafè-Ristorante
to get ready for the Austrian Pavilion:
Welcome to the Soft Machine!

It was William Burroughs who, in the early 1960s, in his eponymously named cut-up novel, described the human body as a ‘soft machine’, constantly besieged ‘by a vast, hungry host of parasites’. Meanwhile, the ‘soft machine’ has morphed into a cyborg-age body cipher. In narratives and in reality, humans and machines often merge in surprisingly new, sometimes critical ways. In this way, they drive discourse. With their exhibition Invitation of the Soft Machine and Her Angry Body Parts Jakob Lena Knebl and Ashley Hans Scheirl playfully and humorously make various facets of contemporary body discourses resonate. Knebl and Scheirl transform the Austrian Pavilion in the Giardini into an open stage that invites the audience to explore the ‘spaces of desire’ staged by the Viennese artists.
Unter dem Titel Invitation of the Soft Machine and Her Angry Body Parts konzipiert das Duo Jakob Lena Knebl und Ashley Hans Scheirl installative Settings, in denen sich ihr gesamter künstlerischer Kosmos ausbreitet – von Malereien, Skulpturen und Fotografien über Textilarbeiten, Schrift und Video bis hin zu einer Modekollektion und einer Publikation in Form eines Magazins.
Taking a walk at the seaside inside a Giardini Pavilion
Eden-Like Garden preserved for the Chosen ones
Wandfüllend hängen farbige und glitzernde Textilbilder: Eine genähte und gestickte Bildergeschichte aus Samt, Brokat, Spitze, Leinen, Leder, Teppich sowie Perlen und Knöpfe. Die Künstlerin Małgorzata Mirga-Tas spielt auf den Renaissance Palazzo Shifanoia in Ferrara an, dessen großer Saal komplett mit Fresken bemalt ist. Wie dort die gemalten Szenen, hängen hier immer drei großformatige Textilbilder übereinander und reihen sich ringsherum um den gesamten Raum.
Polnischer Pavillon,Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Highlights auf der Biennale in Venedig 2022
Brazilian Ear
Golden Lion for the Best Participant in the International Exhibition The Milk of Dreams to:
Simone Leigh
(1967, Chicago, USA. Lives in New York City, USA)
Characterised by an interest in performativity and affect, Simone Leigh’s expansive body of work in sculpture, video, and performance parses the construction of Black femme subjectivity. Leigh’s large-scale sculptural works join forms derived from vernacular architecture and the female body, rendering them via materials and processes associated with the artistic traditions of Africa and the African diaspora, redefining notions of space, time, and existence. Sovereignty commingles disparate histories and narratives, including those related to ritual performances of the Baga peoples in Guinea, early Black American material culture from the Edgefield District in South Carolina, and the landmark 1931 Paris Colonial Exposition. With a series of new bronzes and ceramics, Leigh intervenes imaginatively to fill gaps in the historical record by proposing new hybridities.
A special mention has been awarded to the following National Participation:

Les rêves n’ont pas de titre / Dreams have no titles

Commissioner: Institut Francais with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture
Curators: Yasmina Reggad, Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath
Exhibitor: Zineb Sedira
Venue: Giardini
Golden Lion for Best National Participation:
Sonia Boyce: Feeling Her Way

Commissioner: Emma Dexter, British Council
Curator: Emma Ridgway; Exhibitor: Sonia Boyce
Venue: Giardini
Leaving the pavilion of Queen Elizabeth’s Gran Bretagna
We Walked the Earth
Russian Pavilion closed
Piazza Ucraina
So far about the Giardini this year. Let’s jog along to the Arsenale
Looks like protest?
Niki de Saint Phalle is best known for her Nanas (French slang for “girls”) – large, leaping female figures painted in kaleidoscopic hues and often found frolicking through fountains or city squares – and the Tarot Garden (1979–2002), a vast sculpture park she built in Tuscany, Italy, alive with fantastical mosaiced and mirrored creatures.
Fabelhafte Misch- und Fantasiewesen, wohin das Auge blickt: Die Ausstellung „The Milk of Dreams“ bildet einen aktuellen Trend der Gegenwartskunst ab.
Little boxes …
Die französische Künstlerin Marguerite Humeau bringt mit ihren Skulpturen die Sinne zum Schwingen.
Sandra Mujinga, Sentinels of Change, 2021, The Milk Of Dreams exhibition at the Venetian Arsenale
Precious Okoyomon „To See The Earth Before the End of the World“, Venedig-Biennale, 2022
Building Bridges Biennale 2019
No vaporetti 
Walking back to San Marco
City of masks
Piazza San Marco after the rain
Caffè Florian born in Venice in 1720. It is the oldest Café in the world situated under the arches of the Procuratie Nuove in Saint Mark Square

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Öffnungszeiten Giardini und Arsenale 2022:
23. April – 25. September, 11 – 19 Uhr
27. September – 27. November, 10 – 18 Uhr
Montags geschlossen (außer 25. April, 30. Mai, 27. Juni, 25. Juli, 15. August, 5. September, 19. September, 31. Oktober, 21. November)
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