And the trees were sweetly blooming …

Oh, the summertime is coming #
And the trees are sweetly blooming #
And the wild mountain thyme grows around the blooming heather #

God bless whoever is listening to this
Oh, the summertime is comingAnd the trees are sweetly bloomingAnd the wild mountain thymeGrows around the blooming heather
The lyrics and melody are a variant of the song „The Braes of Balquhither“ by Scottish poet Robert Tannahill (1774–1810) and Scottish composer Robert Archibald Smith (1780–1829), but were adapted by Belfast musician Francis McPeake (1885–1971) into „Wild Mountain Thyme“ and first recorded by his family in the 1950s
Will you go, lassie, go?And we’ll all go togetherTo pull wild mountain thymeAll around the blooming heatherWill you go, lassie, go?

All around the blooming heather
Brighton Skies
Beautiful cherry trees in bloom
Peacehaven, UK