Coole Intensivsprachwoche des BORG Wolfsberg in Eastbourne/England trotz des Brexit-Chaos

Große Begeisterung bei den BORG-Schülern über ihre erlebnisreiche England-Sprachreise vom 3. – 10. April 2019 , festgehalten in diesem Bild vor der National Gallery am Trafalgar Square in London.
Start am Flughafen Brnik/Ljubljana
Ankunft in London/Stansted
Großbaustelle in Eastbourne: Das Arndale Centre wurde zu „The Beacon“
 # See how they run #


SFA English Language Centre in Eastbourne

Meeting Brian Putland, our local organizer
Start zum „Beachy Head Marathon“
Am South Downs Way
BORG Wolfsberg Beachy Head Tour 2019
The Queens in the Beachy Head Pub
Eastbourne Pier and the seagulls
Visiting the fishing boats in Hastings
Guided BORG tours in Canterbury Cathedral
Sunday morning coming down in London at Buckingham Palace
Meeting Winston Churchill in front of the Houses of Parliament
250,000 people at the Boat Race Oxford vs Cambridge on the River Thames
Meeting Peter Pölz in Putney
A young Austrian working in London
High fences at Downing Street Number 10
Flextensions for the Brexit
Shopping at Victoria’s Secret
Going to Brighton Palace Pier
Jack and Linda’s Hot Kipper Roll in Brighton